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It is important to backup all data and test these backups on a quarterly basis to perform a dry run in case this were an actual emergency.

The importance of performing routine backups cannot be stressed enough to a business. All of the data a business accumulates over the years is invaluable. Having a proper backup plan provides peace of mind knowing the data is being backed up on a regular basis. Here’s where we share a little bit of the secret sauce. Depending on the size of the data being backed up, there are a couple of different approaches to properly backing up the company’s data. First, you have incremental backups. These backups are running on a nightly basis and backup files that are modified on a regular basis. These backups take up less hard drive space and are quick to perform. The benefit of incremental backups are if a employee loses or accidentally deletes an important file, the incremental backup can restore the file from the previous day. Not too shabby of a fallback if documents were to get misplaced or completely deleted.

It is good practice to test out a recent backup of the data at least once a quarter to make sure the backup is acceptable. Performing this exercise quarterly ensures the data is clean, not corrupt, and provides an idea of how long the data will take to restore.

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